Mass shootings are complex and there is no silver bullet solution, but we are scoffed at when we engage in the most powerful response.
Johnston and Linn-Mar's school boards voted on controversial items, one board followed federal law and the other followed an extreme interpretation of…
Jesus has come, but He is coming again! He first came in humility in the form of a baby, but will come again as reigning King.
U.S. Senator Ben Sasse is right, cameras are responsible for the collective "jackassery" seen Congress, let's hope the Supreme Court avoids that.
Congressman Mike Johnson of Louisiana provided a moment of moral clarity during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on abortion access.
In short, no, but don't let facts get in the way of a good narrative.
Congresswoman Boebert's joke about Jesus not having enough AR-15s to prevent his death represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the Gospel message.
Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene's inflammatory language is irresponsible.
Instead of facts and data, all Senator Wahls and Iowa Senate Democrats bring to the table in the school choice debate is fearmongering.
No, school districts will lose the cost of having to educate a child who uses an ESA while retaining some funding for the education of that child.
If you are ever accused of a crime and can't afford an attorney, be thankful for your constitutional right to counsel.
I had the opportunity to provide a victim impact statement at sentencing hearing for the drunk driver who killed my Mom, Linda Vander Hart.