I don't believe the Des Moines Register's new poll that shows almost every subgroup in Iowa opposing the new education savings account law.
Teaching candidates who are so concerned about the political climate of a state they don't want to teach there, probably are not the teachers Iowa…
Instead of seeking green beer and corned beef, today is a good day to think about the namesake of this holiday.
I largely support Governor Kim Reynolds' vision of streamlining state government in Iowa, but I do have three chief complaints.
In this hyper-partisan environment it certainly feels like those of us who are sane are shrinking in numbers, however.
I recommend Jesus Revolution that reminds us that we need to love and welcome those who are lost, even if they are different than us.
Shane Vander Hart explains one of the most vital things a presidential campaign can do to get their "ticket" punched out of Iowa on caucus night.
Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene's inflammatory language is irresponsible.
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Shane Vander Hart